Guatemala Medical Mission Trip

One of our doctors recently had the opportunity to travel to Tactic, Guatemala to lead a 10 day medical mission trip with Impact Ministries. He and his wife, along with a medical team provided medical care to patients in the villages surrounding Tactic, Guatemala. The medical team also had two local nurses  that work with IEC on it: Pam Miller RN at St. Vincent Williamsport and Connie Milligan RN at IU White. A portion of the trip was spent in an outlying village using a mobile clinic setup helping people who have very limited access to health care. Through the help of interpreters, many patients are able to be seen each day. This is his fourth trip to Guatemala with his family. His love of the people and the Christian ministry he works with while there ensure he will continue to return to help the people of Guatemala. We’re lucky to have him on our team and truly appreciate his dedication to the job.