Our Leadership Team

At IECSS, physician owners receive actual stock in the company, defining true ownership. As a physician, owning stock in the company is important because it increases your interest in the success of the group. Our physician owners care more about the safety and well-being of the patients treated by the group and as such only hire the best trained clinicians and those who will make a positive impact on both the group and the hospitals we serve. A practice owned and operated by physicians allows clinicians and patients to be at the heart of every decision.

Physician owners also become more invested at the hospital level. All of our physician owners sit on hospital committees to help provide guidance and insight from the ER in an effort to improve patient outcomes. Whether it is improving hospital flow to help move patients out of the ER quickly, or helping with stroke accreditation, or even reviewing hospital applicant files for privilege approval, our physicians are involved every step of the way and become an integral part of the hospital.

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